February 7, 2010

Captured fancies

I've abandoned this poor space for too long.
I became a full-time student again (a print journalism major). Education, for all its importance, is also one hell of a time-suck.
The time I would have spent on projects now goes to frantic homework-doing.
However, I've been bookmarking bits of this and that from across the internet - tutorials, brilliant ideas, inspirations, patterns - and I'd thought I'd share them all as a "welcome back, here's the stuff I would have liked to have been doing while I was writing papers instead."
So, with thanks to all the original authors:


herr hase, sock rabbit
pillows from plaid shirts
a rice pillow
a ruffled felt pillow
a bird mobile
hobo lunch bag
oilcloth lunch bag

tiny tissue flowers
fabric poms
miniature fabric flower garland
recycled gift bows
square floor puzzle
walnut charms
a moose trophy
ribbon wreath
rubberize a tea set

my sock rabbit, so far without the added mustache, but I'm seriously thinking it over.

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