October 10, 2008

feather in your cap

Admittedly, this has nothing to do with tea towels or the scantily-clad women who adorn them, but it was a pleasant way to spend an evening with a bag of feathers, a pair of vintage clip-on earrings, and a tube of very strong craft adhesive.

Yes, it is a bit on the Kenley Collins side of things, but I'm going to try to ignore that, because I was much more inspired by the ladies at ban.do. Their work is beautiful and full of whimsy, especially to me since I am exactly the sort of girl who thinks putting big fake flowers in her hair is a very fun thing to do.

For anyone that wants to try this, I started by gluing an appropriately sized piece of wool to each of my barrettes and then layering feathers until a.) I ran out of pretty feathers and b.) it looked "done."
I think next time I'll be a little more mindful of of where the feather fuzz ends up. Perhaps the little black and white number could benefit from a bit less fuzz, but then, this was a trial run, right?

A re-purposed earring.

and it's twin.

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Art Nest said...

What a sweet craft! I love the color of the wall in the top photograph. What color is this?