March 12, 2009

Home again home again

I had a lovely, slushy trip north to Duluth to see friends + family and generally ate/drank/giggled too much the whole time. My sister and I seem to be prone to giggling at our own jokes. We think we are very, very funny. "EPOXY," she turned to me and said once, reverentially, "it's god's glue."

I also built a tiny wooden car for a pinewood derby:

I named her Gertrude (she's the white one with the red stripe) and she got third place overall. I was pretty tickled about the whole thing. Yes, the car in the back is a sandwich.

My birthday twin Nyssa June and I are happy from all our derby-ing.

Now that I am reunited with my workspace, I'm planning for a shop update with more animals + goodies soon.

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