October 23, 2008

one lump or two?

I noticed recently that I have enough supplies to hold several concurrent tea parties and not have to do any dishes. This somehow happens, that I collect things without a clear plan until one day I open the cupboard and say to myself, "Self, how did we come to have so many turquoise ceramic gravy boats?"

I seem to have a particular fondness for cream and sugar sets - apparently if it features both a handle and a spout, I'm interested. Standing in the thrift store, I must tell myself that it is a good, sound, practical purchase (like a deviled egg plate or a potato ricer) - as though I have so many appointments for high tea that it would actually matter whether the sugar lumps were served from persimmon fiestaware or chartreuse melmac.

All this, and I still drink my tea straight up out of a large milk glass.

edited to add: after I posted this I opened a cabinet and found another, undocumented, cream & sugar set. Will it never end?

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Art Nest said...

awh! I love this post! I hope that you will use these lovelies for a real tea party...you could hold one for all of the sweet animals you make!