July 29, 2008

happy trails, we're home again

Like good civics students, we visited the the Texas State Capitol building - where everyone in attendance can't help but stare up at the ceiling, cameras hoisted, like we're all in a big ornate, governor-filled elevator.

Hanging staghorn ferns at the Zilker Botanical Garden in Austin. As a former botany student, I'm always impressed and then a little envious whenever someone has succeeded with hanging almost-air plants.

Our lodgings in Dallas, the splendid Belmont Hotel. We had dinner at the equally splendid restaurant next door, the Cliff Cafe, where we had to become "members" because the restaurant is located in a dry area. Very conspiratorial.

Our breakfast in at the River Inn in Memphis. No matter how old I get, I am always thrilled by individually portioned servings of anything. Needless to say, tiny cream pitchers are a big hit with me.

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